Would You Attend An OC Street Food Fest?

One of the largest flash mobs in recent LA history appeared on South Beaudry Street in February for the much-hyped LA Street Food Fest. Long Beach is looking to capitalize on the fad (yeah, yeah, it's not a movement, get over it) in July, as Vickie reported yesterday.

This leaves open the question of whether OC denizens would be likely to
attend such an event, were one to be held here in la naranja. I'm
not suggesting that such a thing could be done, so put a hold on that
Tweet, but if it could be, would you be interested?

What kind of street food would you want to see? What would a fair price
be (free is not really an option; there has to be money for cleanup,
rental of Johnnies-on-the-spot, etc.?)

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