World's Greatest Nazi Love Story Born in Southern California in Time for Valentine's Day

On a planet bombarded with daily stories of horrific violence and cruelty, there is one true Valentine Day's tale that proves once bitter, seemingly eternal enemies can reconcile and fall into passionate, puppy love.

Think: Hezbollah soldier hooking up with an Orthodox rabbi.

Think: Gazillionaire, Mormon Republican presidential candidate hooking up with a dirt-poor, illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Think: Los Angeles Crip hooking up with Elton John.

Now that you've been prepared for the impossible, consider a real-life
Orange County-born love story that gives hope that anything is possible
on Earth.

Meet Christopher R. Brown, a
30-year-old plumber with a great smile when he wants to use it. Brown is a convicted felon, a member of a criminal
street gang, a burglar, a thief and, if police are right, a violent
white supremacist Skinhead. He is so committed to the notion of
Caucasian superiority over other races that he's covered his
body with pro-Adolf Hitler symbols designed to terrorize minorities. On his chin he prominently tattooed “88”–meaning “Heil Hitler.” A “1” and a “4” are tattooed respectively underneath his right and left eyes–a reference to the importance of maintaining racial purity.

Meet Jennifer Tamara McClain, a 29-year-old veteran law enforcement officer. Though she lives in Long Beach, McClain is an Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD)
deputy, a mother and girlfriend. She is assigned to work in the Men's
Central Jail in Santa Ana. She is also African-American and, although I
wasn't able to interview her, most likely doesn't appreciate white
supremacist ideology.

As it turns out, Cupid
has a terrific sense of humor because he simultaneously fired his
magical love arrows into Brown and McClain, and the rest is history: The
white supremacist who is currently in custody for attacking a black man
while yelling racial epithets during an alleged 2009 Costa Mesa robbery
hooked up with the black sheriff's deputy.

Well, the rest isn't history yet.

Society rejects the Brown-McClain relationship, but not for racial
discrimination reasons. He is an inmate and, until Feb. 9, she was one
of his jail guards. On that date, the black deputy's often-proved
affection for her pro-Nazi paramour ended tragically.

McClain found herself in handcuffs when fellow deputies arrested her on suspicion of intensely pleasuring an Orange County Skinhead, or some similar charge. Never mind that OC Skins are vicious soldiers (along with Public Enemy Number One Death Squad and Nazi Low Riders) in the Aryan Brotherhood's murderous underworld empire. Deputies aren't allowed to have sex with inmates even when the lovemaking is consensual.

her protection (or was it to deny other white supremacist inmates the
chance for unexpected bliss?), McClain was booked in the Santa Ana
city jail and released from custody on her own recognizance. No formal charges have been filed, according to court records. Susan Kang Schroeder, chief of staff for District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, said prosecutors are “still investigating” the matter and will announce any filing decisions on a future date.

In the wake of McClain's arrest, Jim Amormino, an OCSD spokesman, told reporters that the deputy and an unidentified inmate had “sex more than once” during November and December. Sources tell the Weekly
that the sex happened at least 20 times and included every type of
intercourse imaginable. The passion allegedly even took place inside a
guard station.

If the allegations are true, the illicit sex muddies the sheriff's badge practically soiled several years ago by Mike Carona, our onetime horn-dog sheriff turned convicted felon and federal prison resident. Tom Dominguez, president of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (AOCDS), felt the need to issue a statement.

allegations being made against one of our own are very serious,”
Dominguez said in a prepared media statement. “It is my understanding
the deputy has fully cooperated with investigators. We are confident
that the investigation will be thorough and we anticipate a fair and
just outcome.”

It's not surprising that AOCDS would come to
McClain's aid and comfort. But the white supremacist, who remains wildly goo-goo eyed about his favorite deputy, is full of
surprises. He chose for his upcoming
March trial a–drum roll, please–Jewish criminal defense lawyer.

Cupid is laughing, but Hitler is rolling over in his grave.

Tustin-based attorney Brian N. Gurwitz is a former high-ranking prosecutor who played key roles in the grand jury investigation into the Orange County Jail murder of John Derek Chamberlain, the Haidl Gang Rape trials and the corruption prosecution of Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo.

I called Gurwitz and asked him if Brown knows he's Jewish.

“Of course,” replied a laughing Gurwtiz.

The situation reminds me of Rodney King's
famous line after the 1992 Los Angeles race riots. King–the black man
severely beaten by white cops during a traffic stop–asked, “Can we all
get along?”

Who would have known that an avowed Orange County
white supremacist could lead the way to, well, world peace by repeatedly
screwing a black cop and hiring a Jewish lawyer?

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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