Wordovmouth Presents: Early Dolphin, Kitty Antix, Citizen Ghost

Wordovmouth is back this month, which means every Sunday and Wednesday night at Proof Bar a wildly different and new line up of undiscovered garage acts will be appearing live to blast your ears with tunes while the cool elixir of liquor soothes your throat. Tonight's show features Burger Records alums Early Dolphin, spinning blues and psych-soaked nautical tales—er, songs— from their full length album Return to Whale Island, maybe even something new. Citizen Ghost, a self-proclaimed 'stoner rock' band from Long Beach, bring an unkempt and suitably raucous garage punk sound, and young singer-songwriter Kitty Antix changes the pace with her original R&B-infused pop songs (although she'll occasionally croon a Lady Gaga c

Wed., March 18, 9 p.m., 2015

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