Like a whiff of fresh air from the north, Wooster takes the stage at underground lounge La Cave to show late-night party people how Santa Cruz does it. With their self-proclaimed “love for the groove,” the band (led by boy/girl vocal duo Brian Gallagher and Caroline Kuspa) walks that finely-tuned line between reggae, funk, and easy acoustic rock. Currently on a coastal California tour and still riding the comet tail of last year’s LP, The Heights of Things, the sometimes 5- sometimes 7-piece ensemble isn’t slowing down anytime soon—they’re already working on a new EP, hopefully to drop this fall. Dirty Heads fans should take a listen to the easy, breezy single “Ooh Girl”—perfect for these end-of-summer nights.

Thu., Aug. 19, 10 p.m., 2010

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