Woogie Weekend Brought the Party— and It Didn’t Rain

Woogie Weekend
Oak Canyon Park
July 8-10

House beats echoed from the hills of Silverado Canyon last weekend as the Do Lab’s second annual Woogie Weekend brought DJs from L.A. to Germany and everywhere in between. But unlike last years storm that turned Oak Canyon Park into a chaotic mud puddle, the weather this year couldn’t have been better. Temperatures maxed out in the mid-80s and white fluffy clouds decorated the sky. The slip n’ slide was put to use for the entire duration of the weekend and no stages were forced to shut down. No tents got flooded and no tow-trucks were called to save cars from the grips of the mud.

Festivalgoers roamed the grounds during the day with neon water-guns, Cook’s champagne and totems. Many were adorned with top hats, knee-high platform boots and psychedelic scarves draped over their heads. At night people cloaked themselves in massive fuzzy jackets; more specifically, white fuzzy jackets with glowing polka-dots. There was even a point when we saw an entire squad wearing these white, glowing fuzz-jackets. As they jumped, flailed and swung their arms around to the music, they looked like a group of raving polar-bear fairies. 
Over 20 Vendors lined the outer edge of the festival and attracted attendees with their funky clothes, incense, moccasins, leather accessories, crystals, vintage hats and tribal jewelry. But an aspect of Woogie— and most Do Lab events, for that matter— that’s notable are the food and drink options that are available for festivalgoers. Between Kombucha on tap, organic pizza, super food and quinoa bowls, fresh juices, smoothies and countless vegan and vegetarian options, it’s likely that you’ll eat healthier at a Do Lab event than you would at home. And healthy options aren’t particularly normal at all festivals— think spicy pie, french fries loaded with whatever you want, and potato skins with bacon. Albeit the usual, less-healthy festi-food options are delicious, too. But it’s refreshing to know that you can go to a festival and make food choices that you’re not going to regret three hours later.

Although healthy food options are readily available, let’s not lose sight of what actually happens at these festivals: People party, and they party hard. It can be argued, though, that the Do Lab attracts the health conscious partiers of the festival scene. On Saturday, for example, we over heard a conversation a couple of guys were having about Maca and Cacao powder, and what the effects were after snorting it. One of the guys said to the other, “It’s all about snorting maca, man. It’s an instant boost, and way better than cocaine.” 

Yes. Apparently taking key bumps of Maca is all the rage among the (“healthy”) kids these days. 

The evolution of Woogie from last year to this year was pretty remarkable. Everything from the sound to the lighting to the layout of the festival— we’re certain this won’t be the last time the festival ascends upon Oak Canyon Park. Our only complaint about Woogie Weekend— and it’s to no fault of the Do Lab— is that some attendees brought their dogs to the festival. As a dog owner, I love the idea of bringing my dog everywhere, and I often do. But bringing your dog to a music festival walks the line of animal cruelty. It’s hot, chaotic, loud as fuck and they can’t play or use the bathroom easily. Furthermore, a dogs hearing is seven times more sensitive than a humans. The music won’t only hurt a dogs ears, but it can also negatively effect (and in some cases damage) their organs because they have a heightened sensitivity to sound and vibrations. It’s not our job to tell people how to live their lives, but it’s important to at least know what you’re putting your dog through before you further subject them to festival mayhem.

Dogs aside, however, we’d give Woogie a round of applause for bringing a stellar party to the eastern hills of Orange County. And we’re stoked it didn’t rain.

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