There's no point in tip-toeing around the fact that many comic book enthusiasts are a little on the, well, introverted side. And for those of you who spend hours pouring over images of superheroes and villains, but actual flesh-and-blood people give you anxiety, this is probably your best bet at attending a comic convention. WonderCon in Anaheim runs all weekend long, featuring panels, lectures and comic art galore—but it also runs on Sunday. Which is Easter. When most people are going to be at awkward family dinners, shoving ham into their faces. It's all but guaranteed that Sunday's attendance will be the lowest of the event—but that doesn't take away from the gallimaufry of cool stuff happening. Author spotlights, discussions on breaking into the professional comic world, special screenings, the Nerdiest Panel with Chris Hardwick and so much more. Those marshmallow bunnies can wait.

April 18-20, 2014

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