Woman Finds Live Tree Frog in Packaged Organic Salad

One of the unintended consequences of the organic-food movement is that the lack of pesticides and focus on making everything seem as “natural” as possible means there's a higher chance that more critters might make it into your home, and you're more likely to find a surprise as you unwrap your packaged organic salad, such as . . . a living, breathing tree frog.

At least that's the takeaway offered by everyone involved in a recent case involving Costco, Alhambra and a tree frog now named Dave.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has the full story, and what's most amazing about this is that, in this litigious culture, everyone is so damn chipper about how a customer found a live tree frog in her packaged organic salad she bought from an Alhambra Costco. The woman? Asked Costco management if she could keep it. Babe Farms, which sold the salad? Told the paper, “Those kind of things can occasionally happen.” And Costco management? Told the Trib, “If you consider that he's been under refrigeration . . . you go. 'Holy cow, he's one tough frog.'”

Meanwhile, I'm glad I don't shop at Costco. . . .

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