Wokcano To Open In The Marketplace in Tustin

In virtually the same parking lot where Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill opened a few months ago in Tustin at The Marketplace, the Wokcano chain plans to open its first restaurant in OC. Like Mizu, Wokcano–which bills itself as an “Asian Restaurant & Lounge”–features a menu of sushi and sushi rolls. Both even offer sushi boats. But as the other Wokcanos in Burbank, L.A., Santa Monica, Valencia and Long Beach, the planned Tustin Wokcano will veer towards the not-necessarily Japanese for the rest of the menu.


You can order Sweet and Sour Pork, as well as a Thai-style curry, or Teriyaki chicken, and then add Singaporean noodle to the meal. While Mizu is Japanese; Wokcano is Asian of no particular persuasion.

When it opens, Wokcano will be located at Jamboree and West Drive, next to California Pizza Kitchen. Check back here on more news when it does.

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