Wiz Khalifa OG Vape Cartridge & Speakeasy chapstick with THC and CBD

Items: Wiz Khalifa OG Vape Cartridge 74.5% THC and Speakeasy Chapsticks with CBD &THC 10mg
Price: Cartridge: $25 per .5g; $50 per 1g. Chapstick: $6 each
Dispensary: New Generation, 3700 W. Segerstrom Ave., Suite A, Santa Ana. 657-900-8200.
It will soon be summer and we’ll be planning those outdoor excursions whether it’s a hike, an outdoor concert or a picnic at the beach. So don’t forget to pack your vape pen and chapstick–ha! Of course while it’s not legal to smoke medical marijuana in public and we are in no way condoning that, the convenience of a vape pen goes hand in hand with our summer fun times.
I headed over to New Generation in Santana. They have an exceptional selection of vape cartridges and I had my eye on the Wiz Khalifa OG. Pure Vape uses a standard 510 threaded battery which I plugged in as soon as I got home. Even though it was classified as indica it didn’t get me heavy-lidded high but more like a sativa.


The high was strong and lasted for quite awhile. It had a great taste very much like the actual flower, and after about five good hits I had a substantial buzz. At $25 the Wiz Khalifa OG is a great vape for a nice evening of summer fun or a wake and bake session. New Generation is one of the few dispensaries that carries the Speakeasy chapsticks so I picked up one of each. As a chapstick they are pretty good but with the addition of CBD or THC you get the therapeutic advantages of cannabis! The dosage is very small at 10mg so don’t expect to get high high but you will get happy happy!

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