Wine & Words

Ever notice that when you’re a little drunk, speaking a foreign language seems to come more easily? Ordering burritos feels like second nature and can lead to a riveting discussion of other pertinent subjects like finding the bathroom and slamming tequila shots. Words flow like a river of knowledge unimpeded by the pesky “cognitive thought process” sobriety instills upon the psyche. The good people of the Huntington Beach Public Library will capitalize off this beneficial effect by hosting Wine & Words, the second annual wine tasting event to support their literacy program. See, the Literacy Volunteers conduct one-on-one English language tutoring for people in HB and surrounding communities. And nothing lubricates the ol' speaking muscles like a full glass of Chardonnay. So practice your linguistic majesty while tasting the nectar of the gods amongst the works of other, more famous drunks.

Sat., Feb. 22, 7 p.m., 2014

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