Willie Nelson OG: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain:Willie Nelson OG
Dispensary:The Joint 1325 E St. Andrews Pl,Santa Ana,CA,92705
Price: $45 1/8 $87 1/4

Willie Nelson OG is a top shelf strain of Indica according to the menu from The Joint, the SanTana dispensary where I purchased this dense, resiny bud. It’s not to be confused with Willie’s Reserve, a strain of marijuana grown specifically for the iconic musician but which hasn’t reached the market yet. Willie Nelson is planning on opening his own dispensaries in Colorado and Washington where you can purchase his line of products, but until then enjoy this strain, named after the legendary country western star.

You have to be OG to have a strain of weed named after you and Willie can be right proud of this smooth toking herb. I rolled a joint and asked my sister who was visiting from Seattle to enjoy a few hits before we went to enjoy the monthly Artwalk in downtown SanTana. We took a few tokes and both agreed on how smooth it was, it had a sweet but woodsy taste, like a fine wine. A little age doesn’t hurt.

The buds were very dense, probably a mature plant. We smoked half the joint; the buzz was coming on nice and strong. We arrived at the Artwalk and headed to a reading that our cousin was involved in: Breath of Fire at the Grand Central Art Center. Oh, but first let’s listen to the Santa Ana High School youth Mariachi! Yay! I am feeling it! This is a great buzz and a fun high—a nice change from my usual craft beers. 

We got our seats at the reading and considering we only smoked half a joint I was still pretty high. The readings were great, some serious, some funny, I caught myself during a funny segment smiling hard, you know, that Cheshire Cat smile hard. Hey, it was a great program, and this Willie Nelson OG is “Like a Good Hearted Woman”: she’ll be always on my mind.”

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