Williams-Sonoma Sells An Empty Jar; Calls It A “Butter-Making Kit”

I'm not about to deny Williams-Sonoma their right to sell what's essentially an empty jar for $29.95. But there is something, I don't know, slightly disingenuous about calling it a “Butter-Making Kit”, even if they include a pair of cute “hand-carved teak butter paddles”, two porcelain butter crocks, herbs, fancy salt and instructions, the contents of which I imagine shouldn't be a mystery to anyone who's ever been to kindergarten.


But in case you happen to have an empty jar at home and would rather spend your money on something, I don't know, more useful, watch the following video on everything you need to know about how to make butter with said empty jar.

It's just one of dozens and substitutes the porcelain butter crocks for a little bit of science.


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