Will Loretta Sanchez Follow DREAMers Request and Ask President Obama to Halt Deportations?

Last Sunday, Adrian Carrasquillo of Buzzfeed ran an interesting story about how DREAMers are asking the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to ask Obama to start halting deportations. The story goes on to show that some members have signed onto a promise to ask Obama to do such; others haven't yet responded.

One of the non-responders? Our own Loretta Sanchez, who has made a career of offering excuses as to why she's not an Aztlanista while simultaneously dressing down DREAMers for daring to criticize her.


Loretta, you may recall, refused to co-sponsor the DREAM Act until the death of two DREAMers essentially shamed her into doing so.

Sources tell the Weekly that Loretta can expect the same pressure she faced during her non-co-sponsoring days–which included everything from letter-writing petitions to walkouts to actual protests–if she doesn't change her tune soon. Can't wait!

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