Wild Garden Grove Home Invasion has Mom Found Shot in Neck While Holding Her Twins

Garden Grove Police are investigating a home invasion robbery/attempted murder that had arriving officers greeted by the sight of a mother who'd been shot in the neck still holding her 15-month-old twin girls and two other adults with their hands zip-tied behind their backs.


This went down Friday morning, when officers were sent to the home in the 11500 block of West Street, according to Lt. Ben Stauffer, the Garden Grove Police spokesman. It was unclear if the mother, who was described as a 29-year-old and Vietnamese, was holding the babies when she was shot or if she picked them up after being struck.

She was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where she was listed in critical condition but, according to Stauffer, was expected to survive her wounds. Her girls were also taken to the hospital because they were covered in blood, but it turned out neither was injured.

Four men described as wearing dark clothing, gloves and ski masks and carrying revolvers were involved, according to Stauffer, who provided no further descriptions. Neighbors told television news reporters three men who entered the home were African Americans and that a Caucasian man was behind the wheel of a white SUV.

The first intruder entered the home without knocking, according to one neighbor. Another said strange men had been seen going to the door of the home the day before.

The adults who were tied up were described by Stauffer as a 70-year-old man and 30-year-old woman, both Vietnamese.

The SUV was last seen driving south on West Street, according to the spokesman, who did not know at the time of the initial report if any property had been taken from the home.

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