Wiggin Out Store Owner Must Pay $24,000 After Wigging Out at Wig Customer Online

The owner of a Newport Beach wig store was reportedly ordered by an Orange County judge to pay $24,000 to a “disgruntled customer” she trashed online.

After Cheryl Sanders complained about a Wiggin Out wig on RipoffReport.com, store owner Constance Walsh wigged out in rebuttal posts that falsely claimed the customer wrote a check on an unauthorized company account and took bribes at her job with the city of Anaheim.


But thank you and please come again!

The Register apparently broke this behind its paywall; I read the hilarious Newport Beach Patch follow-up.

It went something like this: Sanders in 2009 bought what Walsh's shop billed as a custom-made wig for her mother, who suffered from breast cancer. When Sanders found out the wig was not custom-made, she returned it via Federal Express. She then let her thoughts be known about Wiggin Out online, which prompted Walsh's sharp comebacks.

An OC small claims court judge on Monday ordered Walsh to pay Sanders the $24k for “intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation.”

How this case escaped judges Judy or Marilyn is the real mystery here.

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