Wienerschnitzel to Give Out Limited-Edition Golden Wiener Antenna Toppers Starting Monday

True story: I've never eaten at Wienerschnitzel before, but I consider myself a fan. You can only imagine all the PR crap I receive from all matters of freaks, but the world's largest hot dog chain has consistently put out some of the better PR stunts around (I still have the mini-children's book they released a couple of years ago, along with a publicity shot of their mascot–FUNNY!)

But the company–founded 50 years ago by John Galardi, who learned everything he knew from Glen Bell of Taco Bell fame–has outdone itself this time with its latest promotion: a gold-plated colored plastic version of their mascot, to use as an antennae topper. Okay, so it's fake gold, but still!

It can be yours starting Monday if you purchase a meal combo deal, or buy one for 99 cents at all Wienerschnitzel locations. But hurry–the supplies are limited, and first come first serve.

Even though the Wienerschnitzel people sent me one over the mail, I want more of these things–yeah, I'm a nerd like that. Expect a review of my first-ever Wierneschnitzel experience soon…

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  1. I was given a antenna topper from Jelena schnitzel the running dog and for some reason I had that thing since 2004 on my truck my son use it went through a car wash lost it now I’m looking to replace it with a new one if I can find one they are hard to fine Anyways just wondering if I can be directed in the directions right directions to purchase or even know where to buy one so that I can get another one. Thank you for your time.

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