Why McDonald's Won't Serve Breakfast After Breakfast Hours And Other Secrets of The Fast-Food Chain

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It remains one of the greatest first world problems. All you want is to start your day with Sausage McMuffin and hash browns, but as usual, you rolled out of bed too late and it's now 10:34 a.m. You'll have to go to Jack in the Box. Nooooo! Why oh why can't McDonald's just serve breakfast after breakfast hours?    

One employee has the answers. And many other answers to interrogating questions about the infamous Golden Arches. In an open thread on Reddit, user GamesMisconduct63 invited people to ask him anything about the fast food chain. He (or she?) responded with honesty about everything from the most unhealthy thing on the menu (Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese) to working with Mexicans (he calls Mexis the “chillest” group on the face of this earth) to why you can't walk through the drive-thru (a metal detector is set off when a vehicle pulls though).


As for the question of why McDonald's won't serve breakfast after
breakfast hours, the answer is pretty obvious (but still sad)–they put
away the breakfast-making equipment and ingredients and taking it out
again would require extra time. (But if you really wanted a hash brown
and an employee was cool, he or she could make it for you.)   

Also good to know: Secret menu items are real! There's a McKinley Mac (Big Mac with quarter-pounder patties), Neopolitan Milk Shake (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream layered), Big McChicken (chicken patties as buns) and Biscuits & Gravy. 
The thread isn't a dirt-filled expose on Mickey D's. GamesMisconduct63 actually really enjoys his job and “looks forward to going to work nearly every day.” He stresses that the quality varies greatly from location to location. He works for a Top 500 restaurant so he and his staff “go hard in the paint.” but if you go to some “shitty” location, he says “they could have their burgers sitting out for hours on end.” 
Read the entire thread here for lots more. 
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