Why is Janet Nguyen So Scared of Gays?

Over the weekend, LGBT folks and their breeder pals celebrated Harvey Milk Day in downtown SanTana with a free fair that was–you know it!–fabulous! It was a positive end to a crappy week that saw various gay rights groups go before the Orange County Board of Supervisors last Monday and ask them to issue a proclamation honoring the slain civil rights martyr. For the second year in a row, the Board didn't do shit.

That's no surprise, given they're all troglodytes. But what was rather vile was to see Supervisor Janet Nguyen walk out during the public comments section by LGBT folks pleading their case–again.

She walked out on them last year, and again this year–why, Janet? Why do LGBT folks bother you so? Afraid they'll bitch you out on your fashion sense, which can be charitably described as Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl meets Ross Dress-for-Less?

The LGBT folks will undoubtedly try again next year to move Orange County into the 20th century by having them issue a proclamation for Harvey Milk Day. With Nguyen facing an easy reelection because Orange County Democratic Party boss Frank Barbaro (who TOTALLY blew me off this past Sunday when greeting my chica haha), let's have a coalition of folks go to that supes' meeting and boo her when she will undoubtedly repeat her act and exit stage PATHETIC.

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