Why is a Reissue of Tim Buckley's Debut so Exciting?

Tim Buckley was 19 when he recorded his self-titled debut in 1966. It was a work that was delicate and emotional; Buckley's tenor paved the way for all sensitive singer-songwriter types ever after.

Today, emo men only have to name check Buckley (who is also famous as Jeff Buckley's father who died at 28) as a favorite for instant cred, and Rhino Handmade is capitalizing on that fact by reissuing a two-disc set that includes both the stereo and mono versions of his debut.

It's an exciting release because the set will have nearly two dozen unreleased recordings
Buckley made in 1965 with The Bohemians and in 1966 with frequent
songwriting partner Larry Beckett–and it comes with rare photos in a cardboard folio. You can pre-order starting on December
15 at www.rhino.com for $39.98.

Here is one of Buckley's greatest songs:

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