Why Does John Urell, Pedo-Priest Protector Supreme, Sit on the Board of a Catholic School?

If there were justice in this world, Monsignor John Urell would've been in San Quentin long ago, in prison in a culture where child molesters and their protectors aren't welcomed with open arms like they are at the Diocese of Orange. But there is no justice, and so not only does John Urell remain a monsignor, not only does he remain a pastor at St. Timothy's in Laguna Niguel, but he also continues to sits on the board of a private Catholic elementary school in the county.

Does Urell have no shame? The answer, of course, is no.

Urell sits on the board of directors of St. Anne's Catholic School in Laguna Niguel, a private school not directly affiliated with the Orange diocese whose directors have a long association with pedo-priests. No less a pendejo than Urell helped get a pedo-priest to the school, and St. Anne's is the main feeder school to JSerra High, currently involved in its own pedo-scandal and an academy helped in its early years by notorious priest-rapist John Lenihan.

Why the parents of St. Anne's would allow a man like Urell–who openly protected known pedophile priests, who trashed sex-abuse victims, a man who should've been sent to prison long ago–to sit on its board of directors is beyond me. But, hey: it's their choice to surround themselves with scum. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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