Why Do Gabachos Excuse Everyone Except Mexicans for Everything?

DEAR MEXICAN: I have a few questions for all of your Mexican columnists. Why is it so wrong for Americans to expect people from other countries to follow our laws when entering this country? What reason do you have that should make Mexicans entering this country illegally okay? Secondly, why aren’t you as concerned about the way immigrants from, let’s say, El Salvador are treated as they are making their way to America through Mexico. I was married to someone who made this trip, and I got to hear about the atrocities committed by the Mexican people against foreign immigrants just passing through that country. Rape, murder and incarceration are commonplace. But yet you complain because Americans simply want immigrants to follow our laws? There is nothing worse than hypocrisy. This country spends BILLIONS of dollars every year on people who come here illegally! Our tax dollars!

There’s a reason there is a process in place for people to enter this country. The reason is simple: If it’s not done properly, it will cause problems for people here in America! Why is this so difficult for you to understand? Donald Trump is winning for a reason. He is speaking out loud what the American people are feeling inside! America isn’t in a position to be the godfather for every failing country in the world anymore! We need to focus on the condition of this country for a while and get things back to where they need to be.

Lastly, I would like to comment on the cover image OC Weekly used of a donkey fucking Trump. I think it’s totally uncouth and tasteless. It shows exactly why your magazine is given out for free. How about drawing a picture of Vicente Fox violating the entire Mexican population? If the Mexican government weren’t worthless and corrupt, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion! Because then the Mexican people would stay in Mexico! But the truth of the matter is that Mexico, for the most part, sucks as a country! Instead of demeaning our political system, why don’t you go fix Mexico’s? That’s what I think is so hilarious about seeing Mexicans in America sporting the Mexican flag and yelling about how proud they are to be Mexican. Yet they don’t have any problem coming to America and reaping the benefits of this society that’s supposedly so terrible. It’s insanity.

Anyway, I would like to say thank you for putting your paper out for one reason only: It works great in the bottom of my cat’s litterbox, and it’s free! I highly doubt my comment will be addressed or put into your trash mag, but I’m giving you permission to, if you see fit.

Newt Me!

DEAR GABACHO: You want to talk hypocrisies? Everything you trashed Mexicans for supposedly doing, you could say the same of your (presumably) Salvadoran ex-wife and your immigrant ancestors: the border-hopping, the not staying in her country to improve it, the trashing of other immigrants. But, as usual, gabachos excuse everyone except Mexicans for everything. And forget hypocrisies—how about stupidities? Everyone knows OC Weekly is best-used as compost because it’ll fuel your garden with truth. But, hey: Trumpbros like you seem to hate the truth, so keep wallowing in your cat’s shit.

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