Why Did the USA Gymnastics Chair Call a Sex-Abuse Victim’s Lawyer a “F*cking D*ckhead”?

I’ve been covering the cases of famed sex-abuse attorney John Manly for nearly 15 years now, and I’m always amused at the reactions he provokes from the losers he deposes. In depositions and in courthouses, the Newport Beach resident has made pedophile protectors literally lose their minds, loser bloggers nearly shit their pants, legendary basketball coaches babble, and so much more, all to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in legal settlements for sex-abuse survivors and tens of thousands of pages revealing what Manly and his team have claimed all along: That nefarious conspiracies in churches, school districts and beyond have not just enabled pedophiles to prey on innocent children, but protect them.

But never in all that time do I recall Manly getting called a “fucking dickhead” until the chairman of USA Gymnastics did it last month.

The reveal kinda came in a story by legendary Orange County Register investigative reporter Scott M. Reid (quick aside: Hey, Scott: does the M stand for “Moxley”?), who wrote USA Gymnastics head (and Lake Forest-based lawyer) Paul Parilla called Manly “a two-word, four-syllable expletive in front of Manly’s legal assistant, according to a deposition transcript and other documents.”

Parilla was upset because Manly wouldn’t take his constant smiling and grinning during serious depositions for a lawsuit Manly has filed against USA Gymnastics alleging the organization let the team doctor molest teenage girls for years. Not exactly the most hilarious of subjects, yet Parilla kept smiling and smiling—until he lost it.

The Register is a family paper, so Reid couldn’t print Parilla’s offending words. But we can! So we dug into the transcripts and found that Perilla screamed out “fucking dickhead,” which is as weak-salsa an insult as you can imagine. What the fuck is this: 7th-grade gym class?

Hey, Pauly: You know how you could’ve REALLY insulted Manly? Call him a Mater Dei grad…HA!

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