Why Did God Flood St. John the Baptist?

So, the Rev. Wiley Drake agrees with Pat Robertson that God's wrath over a pact Haiti made with the Devil is what's behind the tiny nation's unending woes. The First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park pastor tells the Orange County Register he's not sure the Almighty dialed in the earthquake that just leveled Port-au-Prince, but he believes like Robertson that Haitian slaves made a 200-year pact to worship pagan gods–including
the Devil–in exchange for freedom from France, which was gained in 1804.

A University of Miami researcher has dismissed the claim, but that's not important right now. What is important is if you drive past St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Costa Mesa right now, it appears the front of the property is totally flooded. Why oh why would God bring that on?

Is God still peeved over the
dust-up that kicked up a few years ago over a gay couple who enrolled their boys at
the parochial school?

Did God unleash the waters because of the alleged boy-diddling priest who worked at the parish?

Or was it over the other alleged boy-diddling priest who worked at the parish?

Is it payback for the St. John flag football team
failing to better prepare alum Matt Leinart for the NFL?

Or perhaps God just wants to send John the Baptist over to baptize St. John the Baptist.

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