Why Can't Pollo Campero Come to Orange County?

QSR Magazine reported earlier this week that Pollo Campero–a chicken chain specializing in Central American-style fried chicken–was opening a branch in Walt Disney World. Good for them, but in visiting their website to try and steal an image, I realized something rather disturbing: Pollo Campero is virtually everywhere except Orange County.

How on Earth is it that the company thinks freakin' Bahrain is more deserving of a branch than OC?

Pollo Campero isn't the best chain in the world, but surely Orange County's large population of Central Americans can bug the company to open a branch here. Surely, Pollo Campero would do better here, be a more-welcome addition than Five Guys or whatever other fool that thinks they can challenge the supremacy of established chains. Pollo Campero's only true rival is Kentucky Fried Chicken (not El Pollo Loco, which charbroils its chicken), and it's not even a comparison: the Pollo Campero hen is tangier, with more flavor and a lighter breading than the colonel's long-suffering creation.

My gawd: there's even a Pollo Campero branch in San Bernardino. Whither us?

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