Whose Fantasy Univisión Interview is Correct–the Loretta Sanchez One, or Van Tran's?

Yesterday, supporters of State Assemblymember Van Tran sent out an email further piling on Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (whom Tran and the entirety of America's GOP is desperately trying to beat) for her idiotic ramblings on Univisión's Al Punto that the “Vietnamese” were trying to take the Pale One's 14-year-old seat. They forwarded a transcript of an interview Sanchez did earlier this week with KALI-FM 106.3 Radio Bolsa in which she supposedly puts words into the mouth of Univisión anchor Jorge Ramos that he never uttered.

When asked by the Radio Bolsa host to explain her Viet-conspiracy remarks, Loretta replied “One of the questions [Ramos] asked was, 'Wasn't it true that Van Tran and the Vietnamese and Republicans were trying to take my seat?'”–which she claims led to her remarks that she continues to insist were misinterpreted. If only her two assertions had any semblance of truth.


Ramos never came close to asking a question like that–no way, no how. My only skepticism with the transcript is that I don't speak Vietnamese and thus can't objectively listen to the interview, and it's getting passed around by the Tran campaign, which itself still can't translate the Al Punto transcript properly. When they breathlessly claim in the email that, “Unfortunately for the Congresswoman, as the transcript below shows, the interviewer doesn't even say 'Vietnamese' EVER IN THE WHOLE INTERVIEW or mention 'Van Tran' at all before she made her racial comment,” they also lie: Ramos introduced the segment with Loretta by noting her opponent was a “Republican candidate of Vietnamese origin, Van Tran.”

Not only that? In their same email, they credit me with breaking this story but falsely call me “far-left-leaning.” No, pendejos: I'm far-far-left-libertarian-STANDING. Do your homework!

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