Wholesome Choice Makes it Into the New York Times–Kind Of

Orange County's most-famous swarthy writer, Firoozeh Dumas of Funny in Farsi fame, has a great essay in yesterday's New York Times Magazine about the chaos that is waiting in the sangak line at Wholesome Choice, an opera we at SaFII have chronicled for years. Only problem? The Grey Lady never bothers to sneak in a mention of OC's greatest supermarket–not once.

Dumas makes mention of frequenting a “chaotic Persian supermarket usually filled with Chinese and Hispanic
customers as well as people from just about every country associated
with terrorists, floods and dictators” for the sangak, whose memorable tastes and shape she unfortunately relegates to its most common descriptor: three feet long. I think it's the Anaheim Hills location, because she describes how the gelato counter is in the back of the store, next to the feta cheeses, while the Irvine branch has the gelato counter in the front, far away from fromage–but that's besides the point.

Why couldn't the Times make mention of Wholesome Choice? They deserve all the publicity on Earth, and imagine the national profile boost they would've received if the paper put in its name, even once. Instead, we're relegated to a mythical world supermarket that can exist in Anywhere, USA–and that defeats the premise of Dumas' essay (about OC's changed ways) off the bat.

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