Who Wants to Give Us Their Food Goodies to Give Out as Raffle Prizes for the Nov. 10 KCRW Good Food Happy Hour?

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by a hot dog vendor who was wondering if we would accept his donation of a $50 gift certificate for his service to give out as a raffle prize for Nov. 10, when we team up with KCRW-FM 89.9's Evan Kleiman for another Good Food happy hour in OC ( this one at Mesa in Costa Mesa). One of the highlights of our previous happy hour, of course, was Evan and I giving out oodles of freebies from places we love–macarons from Marché Moderne, growlers from TAPS, pastries from Blackmarket, hot sauces from Break of Dawn and Gabbi's Mexican kitchen, and so many more. We plan to give out more goodies this time around as well–but I had to reject the guy until I tried his stuff.

But that gave me an idea. Want us to give out your goods that night? We can, and will shamelessly promote ustedes that night and before as well–but there are some catches.

Really, there's just one: we, you know, must like you. (Sorry, Javier's, but no gift certificates from you). If you're interested in participating in the raffle (like the hot dog vendor) but we've never tried you, we're more than happy to give you guys a shot–and if you pass our muster, then we can accept your donation for the Happy Hour.

And we do want mucho donations, if only to further spread your gospel. We don't keep a single one, not even the royal fifth. Any interested parties can hit me up at garellano at ocweekly.com. Regardless, see you Nov. 10!

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