Who Needs Brunch When You’ve Got Our Toke Of The Week?!

Unpopular opinion time…Brunch is the worst. For anyone that’s ever worked in the service industry brunch is a shift that is often approached with dread and anguish. After working a busy saturday night full of drunks, shenanigans, and horny twenty somethings most servers and bartenders are ready for some well deserved rest and relaxation but it very seldom happens. Before we are able to hang up our aprons and migrate to our own barstools we must first try and help all of you deal with your hangovers, bad attitudes, and drink orders that feature every beverage known to man all at once. Then, once you’ve filled up on eggs and cheap sparkling wine we play a game where we clean up your vomit and smile as you stumble off into the daylight to probably nap and wake up with a same-day hangover. Fun right? Luckily for me I’ve been able to avoid brunches like the plague by staying single and refusing to hangout with any couples unless they promise to eat breakfast and lunch separately like normal people. Although Orange County seems to love drinking at 10 in the morning so long as it’s the weekend I’ve found some like minded people that prefer their meals to be eaten without first uploading 80 pictures of burnt toast.

Better than waffles.

From The Earth in Santa Ana is located off the 55 freeway and is open at 6am daily to provide the Citrus District with a steady supply of flowers from every corner of our beautiful state. The appropriately named Mimosa phenotype from the folks over at SDStrains will have you ditching the patio for a pillow and throwing that pale orange sugar water you’ve been chugging into the garbage where it belongs. Clocking in at 25% THC, expect to feel the same effects you’d get from champagne without the headaches, nausea, and bad decisions that go along with day drinking. Now if only they could deliver us a proper eggs benedict we’d never have to brunch again.

From The Earth
3023 S. Orange Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92707

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