Who is to 'Blame' for Transgender Homecoming Queen? Rhymes with 'Jews,' Say White Priders

We've heard from bros, brahs, 909ers, surfer doods, NIMBYs and Mayor Quimbys, but one sect associated with Huntington Beach that had remained fairly quiet lately has been the skinheads (of the Nazi variety).

That changed over the weekend with the crowning of a transgender girl as Marina High School's homecoming queen.


Cassidy Lynn Campbell, Transgendered Homecoming Queen, is Already Sad: Video

The haters are weighing in at Stormfront.org, under the post “'Transgender' Freak Becomes Homecoming Queen.” A sampling of the comments, some of which were reactions to Cassidy Lynn Campbell's video expressing sadness over the backlash she experienced after she was crowned Friday night:

* Homosexuals, transgendered, non Whites; they're not elevated by the left as people, the left just uses them as tools to further their own agenda…..now be honest, how terrible would you feel knowing all these fawning sycophants dont see you as a person, they just see you as a prop they can use to feel good about themselves. To the fawning sycophants you're just a fad, no different from adopting an african baby as status symbol or carrying around a small dog in a handbag. As soon as the appeal has worn off they'll jump on to the next new fad to fawn over. (Swany)

* This thing is a freak and should realize the “backlash” is sensible people who won't put up with this totally mental nonsense. (Gladiatrix)

* The blame, as with almost everything insane in our societies, is the jews'. Their normalization of homosexuality and the transgender nonsense created this stuff. Of course, it's part of the Genocide. In a healthy White society, he/she would simply have lived out his/her uncomfortable life — ignored and isolated by the genetically normal Whites — without any beauty pageants or any other such craziness. (Tenniel)

I must be so old and decrepit, with failing senses. Help. I do not understand.
A transgender thing, formerly male, now female, is it a queen or a king? Or both?
A sex/gender change? A psychiatric patient, on the loose? Sexual mutilation?
Hormonal replacement and adjustment? Will (heh,heh) Obongo care pay for this?
WTF is the BFD? Scary, science fiction, horror movie, side show freaks stuff!
No gender..but IT.
I am going somewhere sane, where one man and one woman can be happy together. That is all I need.
All you Hollywood jew-influenced liberals can jump in your HIV infected cesspools.

* i dont want to live in this country any longer. (ThirdEye)

Don't let the Ellis Island gate hit you in the ass.

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