White-Supremacists Stickers Found on Electrical Box in Yorba Linda

If you told me to guess in which city were white-power stickers found on an electrical box, I'd most likely say “Yorba Linda.” Huntington Beach gets all the infamy for its neo-Nazi losers, but the Weekly mostly ran out those idiots to Menifee last decade. Nowadays, the newer generation of gaba racists tends to live in majority-white neighborhoods that are wealthy but not Coto de Caza-wealthy and slowly diversifying–in other words, Yorba Linda.

So when we got a tip that white-power stickers were found on an electrical box, I guessed “Yorba Linda.” And I guessed right–someone give me a Donald Trump piƱata as a prize, stat!


The two stickers found were on the corner of Imperial Highway and Yorba Linda Boulevard, and are emblematic of current white-power thought: not menacing or threatening, but just a bunch of whiny whitey chavalas whose cleverness can't rise up to that of the 14 Words. The above genocide claim has been bandied around now for about a decade in white-power circles, and is pretty damn lame. But not as stupid as the other sticker, seen below.

You know you're a loser when you're praising Hitler, who's almost as as bad as the Confederate flag. In this case, #antiracisthitler refers to a badly made cartoon that made the rounds of white-supremacist circles a couple of years back. It was created by–I kid you not–a guy who lives in the basement of his mother's home.

Stay classy, Yorba Linda! And before the hilarious haters start claiming this was a prank: a conservative gabacho I know who worships hometown hero Richard Nixon forwarded them to me, so there's that…HA!

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