White Orange Countians Sought to Stand Up for Black Lives Today

Showing Up for Racial Justice is among the groups that got protesters out to Anaheim Police headquarters to seek the release of those who fought with KKK members on Feb. 27 as well as to Donald Trump’s April 29 rally in Costa Mesa.

Sabrina van Engelen, co-leader of Showing Up for Racial Justice’s Orange County chapter, now says that today there will be “a demonstration to show white solidarity with the movement for black lives in their calls to end police violence against black people.”

When and where? Noon to 1 p.m. at Irvine Civic Center, Alton Parkway and Harvard Street.

“It is vital for white people to visibly and loudly demonstrate that we condemn the police violence that has become a daily reality for people of color,” van Engelen explains in an email. “These actions are meant to not only hold our local police department and national policing organizations accountable for that violence, but also to call on police officers to join us in condemning and working to end the murders of black people.”

She cites the killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Delrawn Small and other black people in recent weeks with spurring the action.

“We’re calling for the transformation of policing in our society, to re-center its purpose and implementation, so that black people are no longer harassed, terrorized, tortured, brutalized and murdered by police, with impunity,” van Engelen explains. “We are not anti-police, we are pro-black and -brown lives, and wish to demonstrate that white people are also horrified by the epidemic of excessive force being disproportionately used against people of color.”

Today’s demonstration is part of a national day of action calling for an end to anti-black police violence. Learn more by emailing SU**************@gm***.com.

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