Which OC University Has the Most Students Seeking Sugar Daddies to Pay for Tuition?

None of our Orange County or Long Beach institutions of higher learning made SeekingArrangement.com's annual list of the “Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools.”

But officials from what's billed as “the world's largest Sugar Daddy site” does claim one local campus is making, erm, headway.


How Can Young Women Pay for Obamacare? Find a Sugar Daddy, Recommends Dating Site

“University of California, Fullerton experienced a growth in membership from the previous year, with 66 students signing up and looking for sugar daddies in 2013,” Jennifer Gwynn, Seeking Arrangement's public relations director, tells the Weekly.

Hell, I'd need a wealthy benefactor just to pay for a parking space around CSUF.

Here is the site's top 20 list of campuses (with the number of students who signed up to be sugar babies), and all we can say about No. 8 is “Go, Trojans … and don't forget the Trojans):

1. University of Central Florida (474)
2. Arizona State University (409)
3. New York University (347)
4. Georgia State University (269)
5. Temple University (251)
6. University of Colorado (232)
7. Kent State University (219)
8. University of Southern California (211)
9. University of California, Davis (192)
10. Texas State University (189)
11. University of Georgia (185)
12. Florida International University (184)
13. University of South Florida (171)
14. University of Arizona (165)
15. University of California, Berkeley (153)
16. University of New Mexico (148)
17. Tulane University (137)
18. Indiana University (122)
19. Michigan State University (117)
20. Louisiana State University (113)

It just goes to show that when tuition rises … well, you can figure out the rest.

“College students make up the sites largest demographic, 42 percent of its overall sugar baby membership,” Gwynn notes. “The dating site saw a 54 percent increase in college students seeking financial aid from wealthy benefactors for the year of 2013.”

Guess sweeping the quad for cash does not hold the same appeal.

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