Which OC Sheriff's Candidate Has The Best Campaign Website?

In just 133 days, Orange County residents will have their first opportunity to vote for sheriff after the FBI and IRS arrest and corruption conviction of Sheriff Mike Carona.

There are three candidates at this point: Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, a former Los Angeles County Sheriff's official who was appointed by the OC board of supervisors to fill Carona's term; Craig Hunter, deputy chief of the Anaheim Police Department; and Bill Hunt, a former OC sheriff's lieutenant and chief of the San Clemente Police Department who challenged Carona prior to his downfall.

So far, the all-Republican race–which could be extremely close at the polls–has been relatively quiet. But the candidates are battling each day to attract potential voters to their campaign websites. Check them out and decide who has the best site.

Here's “Elect Sheriff Sandra Hutchens“.

Here's “Deputy Chief Craig Hunter for Orange County Sheriff“.

Here's “Bill Hunt for Orange County Sheriff 2010“.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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