Whether You Like ‘Em or not, The Maxies Always Have a Fun Time Offending You

Like any mysterious band, The Maxies have a legendary origin story. According to lead vocalist and head Maxie in charge, Maximum Maxie, the masked band started as an interpretive dance group in [Nuuk] Greenland, who moved to Southern California as part of their plans to conquer the world in Greenland’s name. Over the last decade they’ve perfected their odd blend of Greenland references, dick jokes, upbeat power pop, and ‘90s punk, through multiple indie releases and intentionally confrontational theatrical live shows.

“I’m sick and tired of going to punk shows where everything is just serious,” Maximum says. “I want to have fun, I want you to come to our show and leave with a smile.”

The Maxies have fostered a reputation of being the baddest boys of OC ska even though they aren’t a ska band. Some have even suggested that they’re the antithesis of The Aquabats based on their costumes, fictitious story lines, and villain vibes. After hitting local and touring scenes hard, The Maxies have gained a following and even the support of Orange County ska royalty and Reel Big Fish frontman Aaron Barrett who took the group on tour as support for his band, even subbing on bass, spending two weeks making fun of Reel Big Fish and himself while wearing fake tattoo sleeves to mask his identity. In 2015 The Maxies decided to collaborate on a brand new full-length release.

“There was no inspiration for this record,” Maximum says. “[We] came together with our tunes just trying to write a great power pop record and it worked out.”

Recently signed to Rock Ridge Music (with distribution via ADA/Warner Brothers), The Maxies will celebrate the release of their highly anticipated major label debut Nuuk ‘em All this Saturday at Out of the Park Pizza in Anaheim, a collection of minimally inspired adolescent anthems about girls, seal clubbing, and being the best at being bad.

The fourteen songs on the new album range from affectionate love songs to provocative punk tunes. Catchy lines such as “suck my dick you piece of shit and sing along with me,” “I wanna strangle your boyfriend,” and, “I wanna play with your snowcones, I wanna show you all this Greenland dick,” make this record an instant classic for tween boy bullies, Freudian psychology enthusiasts, and sadistic fans of satirical commentary on punk masculinity.

Less problematic guitar heavy anthems solidify Nuuk as a pop-punk contender for those willing to stomach tracks like “My Girlfriend’s A Lesbian” (I’m moving out, because she’s ‘OUT’- get it?) a catchy punk song complete with bad stereotypes about queer women based on the true story of their friend’s ex leaving him after coming out, and a cover of “How High the Glacier,” a song from the film “Run Ronnie Run” about a drunken domestic abuser so catchy it will almost make you forget what an actual bummer domestic violence really is.

In a much-needed contrast, a more romantic trajectory began bubbling up from beneath the surface in classic power pop songs like “Girl with the Horn Rimmed Glasses” as Maximum fell in love with a girl he met at a show who eventually became his girlfriend. “A couple of the songs were written before I was dating her. I never intended to show them to her, I was just falling in love.” Produced by Barrett, Nuuk ‘em All was recorded by Dave Irish at Pot of Gold Studios in Orange who went the extra mile to ensure the tracks reached their full sonic potential. “It really helps to record with people who have your band’s best interest in mind,” says Maximum, who genuinely appreciated the detail put into Nuuk’s production. “[Irish and Barrett] were really fun to work with, but they really worked me, I think they got the best out of us that anyone could have imagined.”

Nuuk ‘em All is officially out on Friday via iTunes, and physical copies will be available Saturday at The Maxies record release party at Out of the Park Pizza in Anaheim. “We could have done it at a club and charged a lot of money, but that’s not what we wanted to do,” Maximum says. “We wanted to give back to the people who have been there from the start and say ‘Thank you so much for supporting our stupid little band.’”

The show is all ages and free, featuring performances from The Maxies as well as locals Karate in the Garage, Static Fiction, and Save the Swim Team, who will be playing their first show after members Brent and Scott survived a serious car wreck last month. Maximum believes that people have to see the show to understand The Maxies mission, comedy, and trajectory.

Are The Maxies a-political musical trolls plucked from a Reddit comments section personified as much of their lyrical content and antics suggest, or a satirical comment on masculinity? Head down to Out of the Park Pizza this Saturday and be the judge yourself.

The Maxies Record Release Show will be held at Out of the Park Pizza this Saturday, April 23, 5638 E. La Palma Ave, Anaheim, California 92807. All ages, free. Full pizza menu will be available, and full bar for 21+. 

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