“Where the Hell is El Niño?” [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

For our latest “Orange Feathers” editorial cartoon, illustrator (and former Weekling and eternal LOSER*) Leslie Agan decided to illustrate what’s on every Southern Californian’s mind this week, as temperatures reach July levels and are 20 degrees above normal. I only asked her to do something in the matter of a New Yorker cartoon, or something mimicking the style of 1930s; let Leslie explain the rest of her thinking!

Like many folks in Southern California, I check my weather app daily to see if  there’s any hope for this alleged monster downpour,” she says. “Nope, only sunshine. Damn you, El Niño!”

HA! Good job, loser*!

*Gustavo note: Leslie is not actually a loser; it’s just what she and I have called each other for years as a term of affection. Besides, she’s the greatest LOSER of them all haha!

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