When Will Muslims Start Bashing Barbara Coe?

We've already documented how California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe is anti-Muslim in addition to anti-Mexican. But while Babs always tries to differentiate between legal Mexicans and ILLEGALS, she doesn't bother with such subtleties when it comes to the sons and daughters of Ishmael.

On August 5, she sent out an email to CCIR goons forwarding an article about how a Tyson Food plant in Tennessee plans to give its largely Somali work force a day off to celebrate a Muslim holiday. “Are 'beheading' skills the primary qualification for a job at Tyson?,” Coe cackled grossly. “Let illegal aliens and Muslims (who have vowed to kill all non-Muslim “infidels”) support them. We hope that not ONE law-abiding American patriot will EVER purchase any of their products EVER again!”

There is no difference between a jihadi and a regular ol' Muslim in Coe's demented world, yet the only people who ever protest the human Shar Pei are Aztlanistas. Oh, servants of Allah: when will you care about a real-life Iblis?

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