What’s Your Emergency? [Hey, You!]

It was raining pretty heavily on Coast Highway not long ago, and you know how the lines between lanes disappear when everything is wet? Everyone knows driving is just a little more dangerous in rain, right? Not much traffic was around, though. I saw the ambulance’s emergency lights in my sideview mirror before I heard the sirens. I pulled all the way over and watched in my rearview mirror. The headlights of your car were fast approaching, ahead of the ambulance, and you pulled behind me at the very last minute, coming to a stop right at my bumper. The flashing lights looked pretty on the shiny wet road, but I was thinking about the poor occupant, who was maybe dying in there. When the ambulance went past me, I signaled and began to pull into the right lane and continue my way south. But you took this as an opportunity to get ahead of me. Your aggressiveness had absolutely no purpose whatsoever, except to save you a few seconds and maybe put me into an ambulance. You better not run the next time a hearse goes by.

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