What's up, heterodox? Economist Richard Wolff Visits the Hellmouth

It's an easy truism that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing so, yes, the phony knowledge-peddling machine that is corporate mass media insists on telling obvious untruisms in the Groucho Marxist vein of believing capitalist apologist economics experts rather than your own lyin' eyes. Ha! Here's Marxist-Socialist- heterodox (you choose) economist, scholar, teacher, radio host and all-around economics de-mystifier Richard Wolff smiling at you from one of his two terrific websites, perhaps because he is looking so forward to appearing in the Hellmouth itself, aka Orange County, CA, USA this week. Yours Truly has the privilege (not class privilege, thank you) of introducing him at an OC Greens and KPFK (who else)-sponsored event on Thursday night in Santa Ana, tickets on sale now, as they say.


Finally, don't know whether she is coming along for the trip to the County of Orange, but here's a further shout-out, this one to Wolff's wonderful wife and comrade, the terrific mental health worker and radio show host Harriet Fraad, who regularly offers a truly humane and radical and Marxist psycho-therapeutic analysis (!), keeping hubby and her clients and listeners out East a little bit closer to sane, empathetic and politically active in her simultaneous critique and diagnosis of how it is – is not! – possible to be well-adjusted in a system which depends on being maladjusted, to bowdlerize Dr. King. She's got an essay in a new anthology called “Personal, Emotional and Sexual Life Without Capitalism.”  See title below. Thanks, Harriet!

For tickets to see Ellen Brown and Richard Wolff, go to Brownpapertickets right now
Richard Wolff and Ellen Brown Challenge Capitalism. Thursday, February 12 at the Delhi Center, 505 East Central Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Doors open 6:30/Ellen Brown 6:45/ Son del Centro 7:30/ Richard Wolff 8:10
Richard Wolff, Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, Haymarket, 220 pgs., $15.00 
Ellen Brown, The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity, Third Mellenium, 486 pgs., $25.00

Harriet Fraad's essay appears in Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA, eds.Golden, Smith, Smith, Harper, 329 pgs.    $15.99

Andrew Tonkovich edits the West Coast literary journal Santa Monica Review and returns in spring 2015 to hosting the weekly books show Bibliocracy Radio on KPFK 90.7 FM in Southern California.

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