What's the Cost for Police Service in Your City?

At the most recent meeting of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens got the five supes to approve $77 million in annual police service contracts with 11 cities throughout the county.

That amount represents a slight increase (primarily due to deputy benefits) over the last fiscal year, according to an Orange County Sheriff's Department staff report.
The contracts demonstrate the weekly dollar amount local taxpayers shell out to the deputies as well as which cities are the most expensive to patrol.

Here's the minimum cost per week:

Mission Viejo                $291,198
Lake Forest                  $235,110
San Clemente               $224,760
Dana Point                   $173,916
Laguna Niguel               $173,178
Stanton                        $165,288
San Juan Capistrano     $136,761
Laguna Hills                 $123,846
Aliso Viejo                   $118,466
Laguna Woods               $25,563
Villa Park                      $21,261

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