What's the Big Deal About Costa Mesa's “Rule of Law” Anti-Mexican, Grandstanding Resolution?

Okay, okay, okay: I'll bite. After constant requests yesterday by my jefe to, how shall we say, opine on the news that Costa Mesa passed a resolution this week deeming itself a “Rule of Law City” to state its opposition to illegal immigrants, I'll do it. But only because I have to take a break from another story on Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown–I'm warning you, Brownie.

My take: not only is it grandstanding by Mayor Allan Mansoor, who's looking to become a Tea Party darling so he can guarantee a victory in his upcoming Assembly race campaign, but it's also causing undue pendejas by Aztlanistas shocked, shocked! that Costa Mesa would be so darn mean against Mexis.

People: That's been life in Costa Migra for the past five years. And honestly? Mansoor has been absolutely ineffective in his campaign against wabs.


Far from being a “Rule of Law City,” Costa Mansoor has postured much and done nothing at all. Oh, Mansoor's pretended to do things: he shut down the city's day laborer center, but I see jornaleros still congregate in big numbers at paint stores, delivery truck spots, and other such businesses–have seen them there for years, but haven't seen Mansoor do anything at all about it,. He tried to get his police department to assume immigration powers, got a lot of undue media attention because of it, but that plan went nowhere when the city's cops balked at the extra work. Having a migra agent in the city's jails to screen criminals, Mansoor's follow-up plan? Nothing revolutionary about that at all–Anaheim did that nearly a decade earlier.

Actually, Mansoor's campaign against illegals has cost the city much money than it has saved. The city spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars both defending against and pursuing an unsuccessful lawsuit against activist Coyotl Tezcatlipoca, all because Mansoor didn't appreciate Coyotl's defiance of Da Dum-Dum Mayor on the dais during a city council meeting. Mansoor tried closing down the Orange Coast College Swap Meet, a move that would've cost the city thousands in fees. And Mansoor rejected $40,000 in funds that a basketball league would've paid the city, all because the league had the word “Aztec” in it and mostly involved Mexis.

The only real accomplishment Mansoor can claim is having a city officially hate Mexicans, but that news is years old. And even with this anti-Mexi campaign, even if all the illegals leave, guess what, Allan? Costa Mesa is still a shithole in the Orange County strata (save for the Weekly's offices, some restaurants, Orange Coast College, and Jan Crouch's wig). Only Huntington Beach has a bigger population of skinheads, and only Anaheim can boast more meth-heads in its rundown motels. And guess what, Allan? Most of those people are gabachos–why not go after them? What else has Mansoor spearheaded to improve Costa Mexico? NOTHING.

I'm not dismissing Mansoor as harmless–far from it. If he wins his Assembly seat, he'll be OC's most-lunatic Sacramento representative since John Briggs. But to see people riled up over a meaningless measure written by an incompetent resume-builder shows–again–how the Right applauds anything anti-Mexican without bothering to do some research, and how the Left so easily gives idiots the attention said idiots relish.

Happy, jefe? Now, back to going after Brownie…

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