Whatever happened to hip-hop duo Foxy Autopsy?

You might remember Foxy Autopsy as the group on our June 18, 2004, cover, but they were so much more than that. The female hip-hop duo of Coco Chappelle and Beige Sandstorm rapped (with DJ Classical Romeo) about pool parties, beer and AquaVend. If you had Foxy Autopsy, you had a party.

But like all good things, the twosome broke up. Though Sandstorm moved to Portland, Oregon, they are still besties for life. They've miraculously managed, according to Sandstorm and Chappelle, to remain 22 years old, even though that's how old they were when they formed the band nearly a decade ago.


OC Weekly: Rumor has it you weren't 100 percent sober during your cover shoot. Can you confirm or deny these allegations?

Beige Sandstorm: We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of our fundamental lyrical pillars: Pabst Blue Ribbon and bong hits.


You were supposed to have a reunion show a few months ago, but it fell through. Why?

Sandstorm: No idea, but we played an impromptu show at Dyzzy On Vynyl, had a radical jam session with Classical Romeo and filmed a cameo in Lenguas Largas' new video directed by my husband, Craig Flipy.

Coco Chappelle: The show at Dyzzy was pretty much all the world could have handled. But check out the Lenguas Largas video, “Yardsale Heart”—we're hanging out in our bathing suits. That's also the pool where our song “Pool Rap” was written. Plus, it was really awesome to celebrate Beige's one-year wedding anniversary and her birthday while she was here because turning 22 is a real milestone.


Beige, why did you move to Portland?

Sandstorm: LA was getting boring, and when rooftop art parties full of amazing, fashionable rock stars and free booze get boring, you need to do some serious re-evaluating. I felt like I had stopped growing as a person. I was also confident enough in my friendships and their ability to weather shit such as moving a few hours away.


Coco, why didn't you move to Portland?

Chappelle: Why on earth would I move to Portland? People get carjacked up there.


Was it difficult being in the most awesomest band of all times?

Sandstorm: Yeah, actually. It's a lot of fun to perform and hang out with your friends all the time, but the party expectations can take a toll on your whole deal. I was stretched really thin for a few years there. I'm just glad we all still really love the crap out of each other.

Chappelle: It is pretty difficult when every night is the best night of your life. Shit gets pretty crazy. I'm amazed how Beige got to work at 6 a.m. after those shows! Quite the constitution on this girl.


This column appeared in print as “Foxy Autopsy.”

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