What You Missed: Social Distortion, Ron Jeremy, Edwardian Ball

What did you miss this weekend? We caught Social Distortion at the Fox in Pomona, Ron Jeremy signing bottles of booze (and sucking on…things) in Westminster, the Love Groove massive, the classy Edwardian Ball, TSOL at the Observatory and more! See it all in it's photographic glory after the jump!


Fullerton's finest, Social Distortion, performed at the Fox in Pomona on Friday and you can view all of our images here.

Matt Oliver/OC Weekly
Love Groove 2012
The 11th annual Love Groove massive took place Saturday at the American Sports University Theater in Los Angeles. We're sure these girls' parents love them dressing like this. View the pictures here.

TSOL and the Smut Peddlers performed at the Observatory Saturday. Yes-Jack Grisham is wearing a kilt. Sweet. See photos here.
Los Angeles DJ Tommy Trash performed at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana on Sunday. Check out our pictures here
Last but certainly not least, porn star Ron Jeremy came​ to Westminster to pimp his brand of rum, Ron de Jeremy on Saturday. Click here to view our slideshow and pictures of Ron getting tender with some titties.
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