What You Missed Over The Weekend Part XX

PhotobucketFriday night found Dave Segal attending the Good Foot at Que Sera to see DJ Nobody, Dennis Owens and Scott Weaver spinning world-class funk and soul. Then he had his mind blown by psych-rockers Magic Lantern and the Antarcticans at the Prospector Saturday.

Meanwhile Rich Kane reviewed The Register and unfortunately, the review was unfavorable once again. Poor Register. It just keeps getting kicked while it's down. Speaking of kickin' it, Christopher Victorio attended KIIS FM's Wango Tango in Irvine to see Snoop Dogg and the like.

Edwin Goei was also in Irvine this weekend, only he was stuffing his face rather than rocking out. This time he visited Paris Baguette to eat some yummy sandwiches.

And Vickie Chang took a behind the scenes “Animal Encounter: Sea Otter” tour at the Aquarium of The Pacific, which has their ten year anniversary coming up. There she shook hands with Charlie the otter—who apparently isn't as nice as he looks, fed sharks some chum and watched a puffin take a chunk out of a worker's hand.

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