What The WHAT: The In-N-Out 'Monkey Style' Burger Exists (And You'll Definitely Want One)

I thought I knew my way around In-N-Out's secret menu. I can rattle off my custom order in 3.2 seconds. (“Cheeseburger, protein-style, no onions, chilis on the side. GO!”) I've even memorized the almighty matrix.

So hearing about this secret item pretty much blew my mind. Behold, the Monkey Style burger.

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What's a Monkey Style burger, you ask?


It's a burger stuffed with Animal Style fries (french fries, cheese, grilled onions and spread). Go ahead and let that sink in for a moment.

Foodbeast made the Columbus-level discovery. Check out this video below where they attempt to order two of these bad boys–and are successful! Apparently, many locations won't make it due to “its possible disruptive nature to the back of the house.” It's worth a shot for this can't-possibly-go-wrong combination.

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