What the Heil! Garden Grove Students Give Hitler Salute, Sing Nazi Song

Hitler: What happened to the Shack in Anaheim? OC Weekly archives

Another group of Orange County high school students did their best Hitler Youth impression, this time in Garden Grove. In a Daily Beast exclusive, a video published by the website shows water polo teammates at Pacifica High School extending their arms in a “Sieg Heil” during an awards ceremony last school year. The short eight-second clip also depicts the teens trying to sing a Nazi military song in German while fending off laughter.

Only, it all ain’t shits and giggles now!

The Garden Grove Unified School District told the Daily Beast that it first became aware of the incident in March, four months after it happened. A district spokesperson remains mum on any disciplinary action taken in response.

A water polo player posted the video to Instagram with the lyrics to a song composed by Herms Neil that the Nazis used to rally their troops. The historical specificity provoked the interest of Peter Simi, a Chapman University sociology professor who specializes in extremism.

Nazi wannabes. Instagram/Daily Beast

“It’s not something you’d expect somebody to accidentally know about,” Simi told the Daily Beast. “There’s some means by which they acquired knowledge about the song and associated Nazi issues.”

Both a Pacifica High School parent and student criticized the district for its quiet handling of the scandal away from the school and wider community. The Anti-Defamation League also believes there could’ve been a more “systemic response.”

Earlier this year, students from Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach gave the Nazi salute to red cups assembled into the shape of a swastika during an off-site party. The controversy ignited outrage in March–the same month Garden Grove Unified learned of its own Sieg Heil scandal. It earned the kids a visit from Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, the stepsister of Anne Frank, who happened to be on speaking tour through OC at the time.

They also took a trip to the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum, an invitation the museum’s CEO is also ready to extend to Pacifica students per the Daily Beast.

In the meantime: stay classy, OC!

19 Replies to “What the Heil! Garden Grove Students Give Hitler Salute, Sing Nazi Song”

    1. That’s a irresponsible reply to such despicable actions by students. We are taught to be be better and do better … Well this far from it.

      These kids should know the songs they sing and the man who made them so killed over 6 million people!!!!!

      America (white America especially) get rid of the EGO ! Otherwise you’ll have even MORE blood on your hands!!!

    2. Is that what you would say to all of the soldiers that lost their lives fighting the Nazis in WW2. Bet you would of had a grand ol time had the Nazis won the war wouldn’t you?

    3. This isn’t kids having fun. This is a warning. This is far more. Why are you thinking it’s just kids having fun. What is fun about this in your eyes?

  1. Product of their environment. I wonder how proud their parents are. Disgusting. At least everyone knows now who they really are. Kindergarten anyone. Kids will be kids? Not in high school.

  2. One wonders who is organizing and sanctioning such despicable behavior.
    Nazi’s used the gullibility and impressionable nature of youth to indoctrinate them into a movement responsible for millions of deaths and utter extermination of minorities.
    It’s completely unacceptable

  3. Of all the HS in GG, Pacifica has had the largest percentage of wealthier white kids. Parents there donate time & money to make sure their kids have it better than “the others”. When they show up for a game, they have dads driving an equipment truck filled with nicer helmets, pads, & brand new matching uniforms. Their cheerleaders were even well turned out & more experienced because they could afford a better cheer camp. I’m not surprised they would have a group of families that want to keep their shrinking world white only. I am always surprised, though, that their plans are always some cruel plan to eliminate “them “ instead of embracing what flavors they bring to the pot.

  4. Hopefully their names will soon be made public.

    This is important information for college admissions and potential employers to obtain.

    Can you imagine being so committed to Nazism in 2019 that you work hard to learn an obscure song from the 1930’s or 1940’s? In German?! That’s some dedication.

    Normal, healthy high school students do not use their free time to discover archaic Nazi songs and organize sing alongs in a foreign language. That’s like homework. With a demented glee club twist.

    In fact it is best that the community at large know exactly who these hateful weirdos are by name. And face. Then Jewish students and their families can stay safe. If places of worship are targeted authorities will know where to look first. Sounds like one of those “red flag” warnings that are meant to be shared.

    Someone knows exactly who they are and it’s only fair that after all their extracurricular hard work and musical rehearsal that information is shared with world.

  5. This is absolutely embarrassing for Orange County.
    What are the schools teaching them about the Holocaust?
    Or are they teaching about it at all?

  6. The fact that these kids did this and brought so much fear into the other kids makes me laugh like crazy. Get fucked morons, the less safe you feel the better.

  7. People want to take away kids first amendment rights?The people who condemn these kids are worse than Hitler himself.Don’t blame these kids!Blame the parents of them,blame society,blame the lack of education,blame ignorance. Maybe….just maybe there is an influence in garden grove ,with the people?.
    The city itself is kinda strange?… Kids with low sugar levels,endless amount of soccer moms,everybody in when the street lights come on?Even adults checking in on a parents call.It reminds me of an episode of x files!With there big house,new cars and their bigger egos,they need to raise Nazis.In conclusion, take away a Nazi first amendment right,take away Americas first amendment rights.

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