What is 710?: A Quick Peek at the Weed World’s Next Big Stoner Holiday

4/20 isn’t the only stoner holiday anymore. 7/10 is the weed world’s other fanatical occasion, and it’s a celebration of all things relating to marijuana’s most potent form: oil.

Over the last several years, the various forms of cannabis oil have become all the rage. Tinctures have made headlines for stopping (or drastically lessening) epileptic seizures. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), or full extraction cannabis oils, have been the subject of Weediquette, a hit TV show about cannabis on Viceland, because of its growing popularity as an alternative cancer treatment. Events dedicated to dabbing, or smoking cannabis concentrates (ie: wax, shatter, hash oil), have become mainstream within the cannabis industry (we’re looking at you Abracadabs, Cannabis Cup and Chalice!). When you walk into a dispensary the number of products derived from oil far exceed the amount of flower options available (think edibles, vape pens, salves, tinctures and drinks).

Considering pirates, pizza, moldy cheese and marijuana have their own national holidays—it’s only fair that oil has its own holiday, too. But what’s the numerological significance of July 10? When written numerically, July 10 is 7/10. When you flip it upside down and reverse it, like Missy Elliot, 710 reads OIL. Thus, it only makes sense for 7/10 day to be oil day. Additionally, like it’s older relative 4/20, the international day of weed, where people collectively spark up in honor of the herb at 4:20 am and pm, 7/10 day honors oil at 7:10 am and pm.

710 day traces back to a man named Taskrok of Highly Educated, a titanium product company that makes tools for cannabis concentrate connoisseurs, and his friends from Healthstone Glass and BeeHive Oil Clothing companies. They spread the idea of 7/10 being oil day on TinyChat, an online video chat community, back in 2011 because they wanted to come up with a new time to smoke oil, as they didn’t resonate with 420 anymore. Since then, 710 has slowly caught on as a trend across the community and industry—especially now that oil has reached transcendental popularity.

Even if you prefer leafy greens over oil, 710 day is significant because it’s evidence that cannabis is evolving as an industry. Although 710’s origins were founded on dabbing, the new cannabis holiday celebrates the herbs diversity. Especially considering not everyone who needs cannabis can smoke it, oil day represents the expansion of the community through advancements in canna-technology.

Now that we’ve bestowed upon you this higher wisdom, we hope you celebrate 710 day responsibly. Cheers!

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