What Inspires Anthony Kiedis, In Illustrated Form

According to Anthony Kiedis, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are “in the home stretch” of finishing their 11th studio album. Fans have eagerly waited five years for a followup to I’m With You

The band invited producer Brian Burton, better known as Danger Mouse, to work on their new album. Kiedis told Rolling Stone the new songs are “as good as any songs we’ve ever written.”

Album aside, the band is busy gearing up for an international festival stint. The band will be performing today, February 5, during Feel The Bern at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.

“This cat Bernie Sanders stood out as being honest and likable, and actually human, a human being who cared about other human beings,” Kiedis said during an interview on Jonsey’s Jukebox (hosted by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols). “So right away, we said if we ever get a chance to play a benefit for this guy, we’ll do it. If he’s real, and he makes it that far, we’ll play a show for him. Low and behold, nine months go by, he needs us to play, so we’re there for him.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing a pre-Super Bowl concert at Pier 70 in San Francisco tomorrow (Saturday) night. Run-DMC will open for the band.

Here are some other things Kiedis ponders when he’s not thinking about blood, sugar, sex, or magik. Quotation above via Classic Rock via anthonykiedis.net.

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