What Gwen Stefani Was Really Thinking In the “Used to Love You” Music Video

Yesterday Gwen Stefani made us all a little teary-eyed with her new video, “Used to Love You,” a somber, synth-pop single inspired by her failed marriage to ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. If you haven't seen it already, prepare yourself for a mixture of melancholy glances, misty puppy dog eyes and murderous death stares. We haven't seen a woman this up-close-and-heartbroken since Sinead O'Connor.

Stefani's already performed the song while on tour recently, but the Sophie Muller-directed video makes its presence official. Capturing all of her raw, post-divorce emotion without uttering more than a few lip-synched words, the No Doubt front woman reveals the kind of devastation she hasn't experienced since her breakup with ND bassist Tony Kanal over two decades ago (honestly, he's got to be a little relieved this one's not about him). Through her telepathic dialogue with the camera, we at the Weekly have managed to surmise what was really on the First Lady of OC's mind when she filmed this video.


Oh, Gavin. Don't worry about people thinking you're a douchebag after watching this video. At least they're thinking of you.

How could I have married this asswipe without a prenup?! Now he wants half my net worth? All because HE fucked around? Am I being Federlined?

Gossip rags say you were boning sluts in the Playboy Mansion while we were engaged on top of having an affair with Courtney Love while we were married. Wow, apparently your career AND your dick are still stuck in the '90s.

We did make some amazing kids together though. I gave birth to three children named Kingston, Zuma and Apollo even though I knew people would make fun of them…for having the last name Rossdale.

Seriously, dude? You want half?!

Ugh, I should have just put my career aside and let you be the famous one.

Wait, that never would've happened. Because it's 2015 and no one listens to Bush. Good job fucking up your life, bruh. Buh-bye.

See the full video here:

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