What Do Moose, Erik Estrada and Buena Park Cops Have in Common? (No Cheating!)

Just to be clear, “Cop-in-a-Box” is not an Ice-T fantasy song. It's a nationally recognized computer system that allows investigators to break through firewalls to get to those who prey on children online.

And it's a system CHiPs star Erik Estrada is scheduled to present to the Buena Park Police Department Thursday evening.

What's that? You want this post to get more random? How about if I toss in some moose?


Make that Moose: that's who is actually sponsoring the gift to Buena Park cops of hardware, software and “a tested training course to get officers on board and online,” according to Moose Lodge 1945, whose national umbrella service organization has made helping nab child predators a top priority.

Thursday's affair, which is open to the public, begins at 6 p.m. in the Moose Lodge at 8651 Knott Ave., Buena Park, where the police chief and City Council members will gladly receive the gift. Call Moose Lodge member Gary Stromme at 714.995.9985 for more details.

And tell 'em Ponch sent you!

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