How to Get a Charge Out of The Museum of Western Film History

What was the most-unexpected attraction I found at The Museum of Western Film History?

(Click here for my Film page story on incredible museum in Lone Pine.)

The unusual attraction was not inside the museum but outside.

It is in a back corner of the property.

The attraction would be a very welcome sight for drivers of a certain electric car with a low battery.

It’s a Tesla Supercharging Station that was christened on Jan. 27, 2015, and allows Tesla drivers along Highway 395 to recharge for free.

What can those drivers do while their ride is recharging? Do what we did: Find a shady spot in the parking lot to enjoy a sandwich picked up at Erick Schat’s Bakery up the road in Bishop and then head into the super cool museum to take in the truly remarkable exhibits dedicated not only to movie westerns but movies of all kinds that were shot in the valley.

If you did not pack a lunch first, there are several nearby eateries to choose from. You can go for the Tesla station and stay for the museum and delicious barbecue.

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